Our Services

Quality data is available to you now and in the future


We work with organisations to support them in complying with the current Data Protection Act and prepare for the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation. Our focus is the people within your organisation, ensuring they all understand their responsibilities towards personal and sensitive data.

We also work with you to develop and implement processes to limit the risk of a data breach and the associated damage to organisational reputation.


We conduct a thorough review of your current data landscape, focusing on the key aspects of people, data and process.

We highlight areas of good practice and make recommendations for improvement, then working with you to implement these according to your priorities.


We work with organisations to make their data work better for them, particularly if there is an over-reliance on Excel Spreadsheets or multiple systems which don’t link easily. We assess your data needs and work with you to make better use of existing systems to improve data quality; we can also, if necessary, work with you to identify appropriate technical solutions that meet your data collection needs.

As we’re ‘system agnostic’, we won’t be swayed by bells and whistles, but rather ensure you have a system that meets your organisational needs and will be adopted by your staff.


We regularly run workshops on various themes which provide relevant examples and useful tips to take back to your workplace and implement immediately. Recognising that data-related themes are not always the most enticing, we make them interactive and engaging for our delegates.

We also work with organisations directly to develop and deliver training programmes in relation to data-protection or as a follow-up to the data landscape review as a way of engaging people in the data they’re responsible for collecting.


Our expertise in NHS healthcare data collection is valuable both to those working within or seeking to work with the healthcare sector in the UK. This experience can also be transferred to other sectors with multiple stakeholders, looking to improve the quality of the data they have access to.

Our skills at understanding stakeholder interests and needs are useful on technical projects, as we can act as the bridge between development teams with a great idea and the people who will be using the realised version of that idea.